Etheric Energy Instruction

Everything in the universe is made up of an invisible energy, sometimes called the Matrix or Etheric Energy.  Included in this massive structure of energy is a specific system for biological life that we call the Energetic Field or Aura.  In other cultures it is also known as Chi, Prana, Huna, as well as by many other names.


For biological forms it appears as a luminous field of invisible light surrounding each form individually.  For humans it is in the shape of an egg.  This field runs from the main matrix field of the universe round and through us to help support our health and well being.  In the body it is run primarily though what is known as the Chakra System, Wheels of Light.  It is possible for you to train yourself to see this system yourself, as well as sense and feel it in everything.


This simple looking structure is one of the most complex and important systems of the body.  We literally cannot live without it.  Yet in the West, little to no value is placed on knowing anything about it.  It is mainly through the Alternative Heath and Wellness Field and Martial Arts that this Etheric Energy System has been brought into public awareness today.


My belief is that Etheric Energy is the corner stone of Energetic and Traditional Medicine.  These two systems of health were never meant to be separated.  They combine to make a complete healing system that has far more capacity to return us to health, and even prevent illness, than can be accomplished separately.


My investigation into how and why Etheric Energy works began with my own health.  I had been a healer and psychic for 5 years when I had a heart attack and brain injury in 2002 that left me with some paralysis on my left side; eye, cheek, mouth, arm & hand, plus leg & foot.  It was visibly noticeable.  Yet I could find no medical help, even though I had cash to pay for any treatments & appointments that would have been needed.  I was far more than devastated and traumatized.  I was horrified and scared.


My only alternative was my own healing ability and God, guides, guardians, angels and the ancients.  There was no where else to turn in those beginning times.  I was led to go to various alternative healers I knew and to new modalities I had not tried before during my healing journey.  I stepped out of my healing business for 10 years to heal myself.


I learned so much from having to heal myself, having to depend on Spirit and alternative methods.  I am eternally grateful for the opportunity to expand my awareness, skills and knowledge in the field of Energy Medicine, Energy Healing and Transformational Life Coaching.


My psychic abilities soared as I saw more and more inside my body and was able to heal broken nerves and create new communication lines in my brain where some had died.  I saw the dark areas of damage in my heart and healed those with Spirits help.  We are an amazing network of light and energy in combination with tissue, bone and fluids all working together to create life.


I teach from experience, research, and a deep understanding of having been there in that lost place of illness to find hope and greater health in the outcome.  I know the journey well and I can say with unequivocal confidence, “Energy is one of the keys to everything in healing yourself and your life”.


Etheric Energy is part of how we move our arms, talk, think, walk, and create health or illness in our bodies and lives.


That is why I teach it in my work.  I cover it as needed in all client sessions, in all

Reiki Instruction and, in particular, I teach it separately for those who are interested in learning more about Etheric Energy in general.  It is the basis of everything.  I invite you to join me in it’s exploration.  Make your appointment today!

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