Mental Body

Dawn’s love of nature has

encouraged her natural

creative process to expand

and grow.




These geometric frequencies healing designs are always at work bringing in calming energies to help enhance your environment and self-awareness.  Their calming and decorative presence can be used as a meditative tool or for your viewing enjoyment in any location or situation.


Each healing card design can be utilized individually or in conjunction with as many other healing card designs as you feel appropriate for your purpose.


Each card design is matted and signed.


Healing Cards


Dawn’s love of nature and the outdoors has encouraged her natural creative process to expand and grow to include creating original artwork in conjunction with the energetic etheric frequencies of the Universe.


Through the shapes, colors and patterns of her designs she creates continual movement and sensation for the observer to interpret in their own way.  The art’s expressive and decorative presence can be used as a meditative tool or for the viewer’s enjoyment. These frequencies are always at work bringing in clarity, calming and healing energies to help enhance the viewer’s environment and self-awareness.  Carry them with you or hang them in your favorite spot.


Dawn’s Healing Card Prints work the same, but in a more specific

manner.  They work specifically in conjunction with the various

emotional, mental, physical and spiritual frequencies and properties of the cards name; i.e., JOY, FORGIVENESS, CHAKRA, EARTH, etc., if you are using them as healing or meditation tools.  Or, again, they can be enjoyed simply in appreciation of the creative art piece itself.

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Healing Art Cards
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The BALL OF LIGHT brings in the definitive healing properties of the universe.  It heals on all levels of your being at once.

Aligns the birth process of light with the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies to bring one whole contiguous unit into being for the transformational alignment to take place.

Use this card to realign, balance and heal your chakra system.

Creates and strengthens the connection between you and your soul.

Creates the lasting link between the yin and yang, male and female aspects of yourself to create a harmonious balance within your being.

Helps work to bring clarity and understanding to the lessons daily turmoil brings into our lives and the upsets that create imbalance and drama/trauma.

Establishes a greater connection between you and the grounding energy of Earth and assists you in working with earth energy.

Promotes healing and connection between you and your Heart Chakra to open to the flow of energy.

Brings clarity and healing to the understanding of how to forgive and it’s importance in our lives to the process of healing.

Heals on all levels and dimensions of your being at once.

Healing People, Animals and the World