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Healing People and Pets


Energetic healing is as individualistic for people and pets.

Each is treated in accordance to their needs with love and care.


Reiki energy can be used to help calm and heal any

number of aliments in people and pets.  It relaxes

the nervous system and opens up the circulatory

system for more blood to flow through the entire body.

This aids in building the immune system, your building

block of health.


Relief and healing from symptoms such as arthritis, muscles aches, stiff joints, diabetes, cancer, heart disease, and chronic infections. Reiki’s relaxing properties enable the body to focus its energy on regeneration and healing.


The session begins by discussing the pets needs and then proceeds into the healing portion.  Each session generally lasts 15 minutes to 30 minutes.  During this time the Practitioner hands may be applied either directly onto the animals body or held above. The energy flows freely from the Practitioner to the client in either position.



Sessions available:

In person

Over the phone



Dawn specializes in intuitive

energetic healing to help

balance your chakras and

provide you with a calm

healing space.





I'm available for

• Intuitive readings

• Long distance Reiki healings

• Full Reiki healings


Healing People, Animals and the World