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TLD practices and supports the concept of Whole Health Wellness, which includes body, mind, emotions & spirit.

Providing experience, skills and tools necessary to assist this cognitive process during sessions delivered with patience and compassion in order to allow you to find your own uniqueness, thus enabling you to empower yourself.

Dawn M Cheney


Reiki Master and Instructor

Intuitive Energetic Healings

Transformation Counseling and Life Coaching

Channeled and Psychic Reading

Transformational tools for your life

Past Life Matrix Healer

Multi-dimensional Healer

Tools to aid and support you


Dawn began her career in the Midwest after 30 years of being in the traditional business world.  In 1994 she combined her business knowledge with her Spiritual Journey to create a well rounded and down-to earth approach to the natural health world.  Combining her knowledge has enabled her to help her clients comprehend how the human energy system impacts their lives on a daily basis in order to help restore and maintain their health and well being.  Combining her intuitive abilities with her transformative life coaching skills gives her a unique insight into how to best help people.  Her life experiences also gives her the ability to be more aware of the struggles and concerns on all levels of daily life. Her work encompasses people, animals and earth. -




Natural Grocers



The Usui Healing System  - Reiki Master/Teacher

Japanese Reiki Practitioner

Sekhem Healing Practitioner

Healing Touch Practitioner Level A

Transformational Spiritual Counselor

Four Winds Inka Medicine Mesa Carrier

    with additional mentoring for 3 years


People often come to me when they are at turning points in their lives.  They feel stuck, restless, or uncertain of what to do next or why they are here.   It may be a concern with relationships, career, finances, and health, where they are going next, or even headed for retirement but know there is more to come.  They may realize they are on a spiritual path or not.  The whole point is that they know they are supposed to be here for some reason in order to get some help.

Her work encompasses people, animals and earth.


Why choose Dawn?

People often come to me when they are at turning points in their lives. It doesn’t matter whether they know they are on a spiritual path or not. They may feel stuck, restless, or uncertain about what to do

next or why they are even here. Common concerns vary, but often revolve around relationships, career, finances, health, or just the question of where they are going next. They may be even headed

for retirement. The important thing is that they know or feel they have more life to give and more life to come. The whole point is that they know we are supposed to connect for some reason and they

accept I can help them. Whether they come for a reading or a healing, the combination of my counseling, healing and psychic skills enhances the session to the maximum healing potential in order to give them just what they want and need at that time.

Healing People, Animals and the World