Symbol/logo meaning: Crow/Raven is sacred messages. They bring the breath of life (Ankh) to the heart to start the pulse of creation. Thus begins the transformation of light, or our light, into a new design.

Helping you clarify the right direction for you!


Working towards a better world for everyone and everything.



TLD practices and supports the concept of Whole Health Wellness, which includes body, mind, emotions & spirit.

Providing experience, skills and tools necessary to assist this cognitive process during sessions delivered with patience and compassion in order to allow you to find your own uniqueness, thus enabling you to empower yourself.

Welcome and special greetings to you stranger (traveler).

For we are strangers at this moment,

perhaps yet to become acquainted.


Am I the healer (wellness provider)

you’re looking for to walk with you on

this segment (moment) of your journey?


Your curiosity is part of being here now

(why you are here now ) and I am ecstatic

that you are asking.  It is the light inside

you that sets you free to see and explore the essence of who you are.  A particle of that light connected to my energy and brought you here to my website.   Now exploration begins.



I believe healing begins inside each one of us as a wake up call to take care of ourselves at a much deeper level.  I utilize the healing and teaching modalities (tools) of Transformational Life Coaching, Wholistic Art Play, Reiki Sessions & Instruction, Sekhem, Past Life Healing, Intuitive Energetic Healing, Channeling, Etheric Energy Teacher and Akashic Records.  I will assist you in understanding why and how your etheric energy field is so important with regards to your health and well being.


This is a journey of your self empowerment.


I love working with these tools to guide and assist people through the process of moving forward in their lives.  Some people know they are on a spiritual journey and others are life explorers along the way.  Just as some people are stuck or may feel lost, and others know exactly where they are going, but don’t know how to get there.


These examples are where I come into the picture in order to help support and guide you to rediscover you, your core issues, values and how to move through healing them to be who you are inside you.  It is a journey of your self empowerment.







Mountain View Senior Circle



The Usui Healing System  - Reiki Master/Teacher

Japanese Reiki Practitioner

Sekhem Healing Practitioner

Healing Touch Practitioner Level B

Transformational Counselor and Life Coach

Four Winds Inka Medicine Mesa Carrier

    Plus 3 years private training

Healing People, Animals and the World