DEFINING THE WORD HEALING – to restore health and balance to a person, place or thing.  Healing begins with you.


This embraces the aspects of taking responsibility for yourself, a willingness to honestly look at and assess a bigger picture for what may be the various issues on all levels that surround the discomfort or illness – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual - and a readiness to do what is necessary to achieve greater health and balance in your life.


It is right action, right loving, right thinking.  It is self-respect and loving yourself that enables you to do what is necessary in order for you to move forward towards health and wholeness.


In the West we are usually taught that healing encompasses only the physical body.  The exception is if you have an issue dealing with emotions or mental processes not treatable physically.  Then the West may recommend psychological help as well.  But that is not the only help there is because there is so much more to the word and concept of healing that we are not taught.


In truth, it entails healing on all levels of our being, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, in order to realize the greatest portion of whom we truly are at a soul level

and bring us to full health.  This greater understanding also allows us to move more fully towards our dreams and purpose in this lifetime.


In fact, it doesn’t matter what type of healing you are trying to achieve:

• Get over the flu

• Recover from surgery

• Understand why you are feeling stuck in your life

• Why your perspectives are changing and no one understands you anymore

• How to fit in better in the world

• How to find the perfect job or love of your life


Every situation encompasses all 4 levels of healing - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual - in order to fully achieve full health and balance.+

Reiki Sessions with Dawn

Reiki Master/Teacher

Benefits of Reiki

Reiki sessions are an ancient form of energetic and spiritual healing bringing benefits to you on all levels; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.  They enhance your body's natural ability to heal itself.


Reiki is used to help calm and heal any number of aliments in people and pets.  It relaxes the nervous system and opens up the circulatory system for more blood to flow through the entire body.  This aids in building the immune system, your bodies building block for health.


Relief and healing from symptoms such as arthritis, muscles aches, stiff joints, diabetes, cancer, heart disease, and chronic infections are also known outcomes of Reiki treatments. It’s relaxing properties enable the body to focus its energy on regeneration and healing.


Reiki is also a wonderful way to help prevent health problems.  As a relaxing and body enhancing modality it allows a calming and gentle approach towards keeping healthy when used on a regular basis.


What To Expect During a Session

Dawn specializes in intuitive energetic healing to help balance your chakras and provide a safe and calm healing space.


We begin the session by discussing any particular concerns you would like help with, any questions you might have, and what benefits you are hoping to achieve from the session.


In preparation for the Reiki healing, you will be asked only to remove your shoes and to remain fully clothed in order to lie down under a blanket or sheet on a massage table.


Reiki hand positions will be used with your permission, but usually half or more of the work is done with my hands off or above your body.  The energy flows freely from myself to you either way so no healing is missed.  Your body is very intuitive and will take the energy and apply it wherever it needs to go.




Physical Relief & Improvement

Improve Immune System

Heals on all levels:  Physical, Emotional, Mental & Spiritual

A Calming Experience

Cleanse & Balance Your Chakras

Healing Past Lives & Multi Dimensions

Transformational Counseling & Life Coaching

Tools To Assist & Support You



Experience the benefits of a Reiki session.



Healing People, Animals and the World