Sekhem is a living light energy originally from the earliest Egyptian times.  It is affiliated with the Egyptian Goddess Sekhmet, Goddess of destruction and healing.  These two aspects of the energy are in cohesive relationship with light and dark, Yin & Yang, death and rebirth.  In other words, the very aspects we need to go through in order to heal ourselves so that we can find our wholeness and true purpose in life.


The word Sekhem means “ power”, “might” or “authority”, but always in a spiritual sense.  The healing energy system of Sekhem is a very high vibrational energy, considered higher vibration than Reiki.  The Reiki symbols are actually a part of Sekhem, but the original healing system of Sekhem is many thousand of years older than Reiki.  Reiki was established by Dr Usui in the late eighteen hundreds.  Thus Reiki and Sekhem work in harmony with one another.


Sekhem is a very gentle, loving and compassionate energy but  incredible in its power.  It is the energy of the Great Masters to heal the sick and perform miracles.  It generates a feeling of such great love during a session that it has the ability to take you to that place of “HOME”.  It is a complete healing system and helps you empower yourself and take charge of your own life.


More importantly, it has the ability to bring forth signs and signals which can prevent or lessen the effects of an unseen or undetected oncoming illness, disease or trauma.  I have witnessed this over and over again with many of my clients.  I have also witnessed incredible healing in short time spans, as well as actual reversal of an illness or trauma.  It uncovers at the deepest level possible not just the symptoms, but helps you to discover the underlying root causes so that you can heal yourself at a much deeper level.


This is the energy that mankind needs right now to safely take us into the next centuries, different possibilities and new dimensions.  It guides and assists you to make right decisions that are better for you and to connect you to the right timing for your life.


Binding together your conscious mind and higher self or Higher Mind, Sekhem works at a soul level to take you deeper into the underlying causes needed to resolve problems.  This energy will be the loving hands that cut through blocks and restrictions with ease.  The changes happen more easily and gently as you give way to the understanding that flows through you and opens you to the love provided from this energy.


Treat yourself to this wonderfully loving healing energy by experiencing a healing session.  Sekhem  releases blockages at a cellular level, balances your energy and chakras, and puts you in touch with your Divine Essence with ease in a gentle and compassionately sacred way.  I have been a Sekhem practitioner for over 20 years, as well as a Reiki Master and teacher for over 20 years.  I began as a Reiki Master & teacher before founding my way to Sekhem through my first trip to Egypt on a small Sekhmet tour.

Healing People, Animals and the World