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I am an alternative modalities health and wellness healer, coach and intuitive channel. Through my training and experience as a Spiritual Counselor & Transformational Life Coach, Reiki Master & Instructor, Energetic Healer, Sekhem Practitioner and Intuitive Psychic Channel I am able to assist you on all levels of health and wellness; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

I combine all of my skills in each of my sessions. There is no separation when it comes to healing and guiding the body, mind, emotions and spirit. All things work together to form the answers.


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Reiki & Healings


Transformational Life Coaching


Intuitive Psychic Reading


Sessions available:

In person

Over the phone



Dawn specializes in intuitive

energetic healing to help

balance your chakras and

provide you with a calm

healing space.





I'm available for

• Intuitive readings

• Long distance Reiki healings

• Full Reiki healings


Healing People, Animals and the World