Life Coaching is the process of helping you to assess your personal objectives, successes, general conditions and transitions in your personal life, relationships or profession by examining where you’re at right now. 

We work together to discover what your obstacles or challenges are and choose a course of action to help you create your life your way. 

When you are at a turning point in your life, feeling stuck, restless or uncertain of what to do next, we work together to find a focus and clarity for you on what steps to take next.


It doesn’t matter whether you just FEEL that you need an appointment and don’t know why or whether you KNOW exactly why you need one. All reasons are valid. The thing you need to do is trust that voice inside you and take action. Changes follow action. Be ready for change when you work with me.

I assist you in connecting your head and your heart which in turn allows you to transform your dreams into actions and move forward. I believe the answers are inside you. You already know what they are, even though they may be hidden or obscured from your immediate view. 

You are here in life for a reason. Together we will work to find your life path and help keep you moving forward.


I combine all of my skills in each of my sessions. There is no separation when it comes to healing and guiding the body, mind, emotions and spirit. All things work together to form the answers.


My healing, counseling and psychic skills enhance the session for your maximum potential giving you what you need and want toward your life goals.

Healing People, Animals and the World